The Dateless Calendar

A fun project from LOVEMEDO Branding Agency. Taking the insight of every new year resolution and make it into a fun project!

Every New Year, we make some decisions: to learn how to do a full split, to build a cottage, to read a hundred books about design, to fix the motorcycle and drive it around the whole country. But for some reason, it does not work — the next New Year is coming and we haven’t read the books and haven’t repaired the bike.

LVMD decided to end up this mess. The Dateless Calendar is our answer to procrastination. There are no dates, no months, no days of the week in this calendar. It has no dates, so it is endless. Each page shows how many days are remaining until the end of the year. Are you planning to do something? Stop waiting, it’s time to act!

Some interesting facts founded during the project about different periods of time: one, two or three days, even three hundred and sixty-five days. For example: “The longest kiss lasted 17 days,” or “The polar day at the North Pole lasts 190 days.” These are micro-stories about everything in the world: about traveling by land and sea, about astronauts and distant stars, about military campaigns and glorious victories, about kangaroos and wheat, about writers and artists. LVMD calendar will tell you how much time you have got to realize your plans. The examples will keep your spirits up.