Noelle by Peck Design Associates. A hotel branding with simple, unique and elegant design.

There’s far more to Nashville these days than neon and rhinestones. Noelle links the past to the present by honouring the colourful characters and eccentricities that make this place so unique. Much like the city surrounding it, this brand is full of spirit and mischief, never content to live in a cage.

A Second Chance

Originally opened in 1930, Noelle came of age at a time when downtown Nashville was experiencing a boom of new hotels, department stores and local characters aplenty.

Now in its second act, this famed hotel has risen once again to take on its role in Nashville’s rich narrative. Today, Noelle serves as a gathering place for some of the city’s most interesting voices and makers as it continues to contribute to the spirit that makes this place so unique.

Birds of a Feather
The Great Blue Heron stands 4 feet tall, with a long neck, long beak, and a big personality. Found in and around Nashville’s waterways, like the Cumberland River just blocks from Noelle, these curious, friendly birds become a symbol of the beauty and animal spirit that permeates the local characters of this city.

A siege of herons inhabits the hotel, each with its own personality and poses. These birds embody life, authenticity, and a little raw emotion. Moreover, they represent that basic human desire to live life outside the cage of a stereotype.

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