Agua Bendita

Agua Bendita is a mezcal made in Mexico and proudly original. This mezcal is dedicated to those who defy traditional norms, thus positioning themselves as a brand without rules for all adventurous souls.
We created a visual system that illustrates the values of the brand, breaking with the rules of traditional mezcal. Agua Bendita is now presented with a metaphorical and playful feel, based on the symbolisms of the Mexican religious narrative, to open a way to experimentation and celebration, because blessed are those who defy common and current norms.
Agua Bendita, bendecido por el maestro mezcalero, bendito por el maestro fiestero.
Art Direction: FuturaPhotography: Futura
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Vanilla Mooncake 2019

Packaging design by andon design daily co.,ltd. Love the balance between complex and simplicity. Creating bold design using colour combination and cute illustration. Love this!

Celebrate Chinese Moon Festival with ” Vanilla’s Finest Mooncake – Moonlight “
The visual design on the package illustrates a procession of noble animal characters in an ancient Chinese era bringing gifts to the moon festival. The illustration on each tin show a different gestures of animal characters such as dancing and playing a musical instrument enjoyably.

AGENCY :Andon Design Daily Co.,Ltd.
CREDIT :Design Director by Pongtorn WachirapokaDesigned by Waratchaya BoonketIllustrator by Ploypraew SrisangnamPhotographed & Retouched by Parinya Kawsrito
Exclusive for Andon Design Daily Co.,Ltd.Copyright©2019 Andon Design Daily Co.,Ltd.

RoliPoli: balance bars

RoliPoli: balance bars by Ohmybrand agency. The market of healthy snacks is one of the most actively growing markets, as such snacks meet two consumer needs – a quick snack and a healthy diet.

The bars designed for modern urban women who face new challenges every day. These women need to do so many things at the same time: constantly look for balance between work and rest, monitor their health and enjoy life, develop their abilities and fool around, communicate with people and indulge in loneliness, look good and have inner peace.
The name emphasizes the idea of the brand – “RoliPoli” sounds like the English name for toy dolls that, as you know, always rise after a fall. This is a great image for those who want to keep a positive attitude.
Cheerful retro and bright summer colors work as an illustration of the main idea of the line – balance between the opposite things we are trying to do: sports, career, interesting lectures, communication with the beloved ones. Irony is the main weapon against melancholy, and the surreal illustrations will help to defeat the boring routine of everyday life. RoliPoli bars are made only of natural ingredients and based on the typical local fruit: high-quality apples and pears. The target audience will not be fooled by a beautiful picture, they are attentive to what they buy and eat.
RoliPoli is a perfect addition to an office suit or a yoga mat, to slumber parties or to quiet family evenings.

Aplos, Greek yogurt with fruits

Aplos, a redesign project by Caparo design crew for Aplos for their new superfruit range of products. To empower the core concept of the brand and the simplicity aspect, the design use fruit illustrations on the tabs, in a way that reflects a raw and natural feel. As a result, the visuals give the essence of something handmade. They are simple, yet appetizing. For functional reasons, the new sleeves completely cover the tabs. As a result the actual tabs are not visible on the shelf. So, the design approach aimed to showcase the ingredients of each flavor using realistic key visuals: the styling is minimal and the images depict an open tab of yogurt with raw fruits and a spoon inside it. Despite the yummy feeling, the design helps consumers identify the product easier, and creates an outstanding and stylish identity.

Soy yo, Martin, quien ha dicho

A project by Un Barco, photography exhibition. Soy yo, Martin, quien ha dicho it is a work in two parts. In the first Martin Patricio Barrios gathers black and white photography of the Tuaregs between 2008 and 2018. Desolating deserts, people dancing and fighting, deep glances and eternal landscapes. The second is a compilation of poetic stories that speak of loneliness and hope, pain and misery, triumphs and defeats, love; first of all love.The Tuaregs are the blue men of the Sahara. This was the color we used only once on the cover of the book. The interior is entirely black and white: photography, Tifinagh symbols and notes sheets on vegetal paper.

Bibimbap on the Duraesang

A menu is always a challenge between aesthetic & durability. Bibimbap on the Duraesang (Korea Traditional Food ‘Bibimbap’ Menu Plate)-2017 design by HANN MINN, found its way to tackle both challenge. The menu use wood in half circle, which will form circle which represent the bowl used by the Bibimbap. Not to mention little detail of the stitching using beads as accessories which represent Korea.

Korean Food Art & Design Exhibition, 2017 ‘it Awards’ winner, 2017.

ClientMinistry of Culture, Sports and Tourism., Republic of Korea
Studio BAFArt Direction & Design: Min HanMock-up & Hand-binding: Min Han